Frequently Asked Question

The most common questions are about how our business works and what can we do for you.

1. How fast My Cont4ct digital biz card would be ready? Upon your 100% payment, your Cont4ct digital biz card will be ready in 24 Hours.
2. Can a person have more than one Cont4ct digital biz card and Custom designs to my package? Yes, you can have more than one Cont4ct digital biz card by using a different email and usernames, you can request custom designs with an additional price package.
3. Can I pay 2 years subscription? No, Cont4ct digital biz card only allows yearly subscription.
4. What do I do If I want to change my particulars on the Cont4ct digital name cards? Our Cont4ct digital biz card enables you to make changes by login in using your own username and password. You can change any information easily and quickly as and when needed except the Company name, Your name, and Logo. This will also be instantly reflected for anyone you’ve sent your digital name card to.
5. Where are the data of the Cont4ct digital biz cards stored? All data and functions on the Cont4ct digital biz card will be stored and hosted on our local server, protected by a stable security environment
6. Will anyone be able to find my Cont4ct digital biz card by Googling it? Actually, No one can access your Cont4ct digital biz card without its URL However the individuals you share it with may also share it with their friends, families, and other connections. However, no method of transmission over the Internet, or method of electronic storage, is 100% secure. Therefore, we cannot guarantee its absolute security.